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Mujagi Set for 2


2 Rice Bowl : O105 H60mm

2 Soup Bowl : O125 H75mm

1 Flower 04 : O130 H28mm

1 Flower 06 : O140 H30mm

1 Flower 19 : O120 H25mm

1 Flower 08 main plate : O230 H45mm

2 Mugunghwa : O95 H7mm

2 Mugunghwa Big : O210 H12mm


Material : Porcelain

Color : White / Glossy 

Designer : Bogeun Shim

Care : Dishwasher and Microwave safe


We recommend to use wood or silicone cutlery.


Note : Please note that the following phenomena can occur naturally during the porcelain production process and are not subject to exchange or refund. 

  • Fine protrusions 

  • Small air holes formed in the clay from baking the pottery in a kiln 

  • Black spots caused by iron contained in the glaze and clay 

  • Flow marks or clumping marks on the surface of porcelain that are created during hand glazing 

  • Subtle variation in color and gloss that naturally occur from handcrafting

Mujagi Set for 4

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