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A dish with a silhouette resembling a flower with six round petals. Its versatile size offers a wide range of uses.

Size: 180 H 30 (mm)

Color: White/Glossy

Material: Porcelain

Mujagi flower plate offers versatile usability,

whether used as a dessert dish, side dish, or for snacks. It provides endless possibilities for your convenience.

* Scratches may occur when using stainless cutlery on a matt product.

We recommend using wood, brass or silicone cutlery.

* Microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe. Please do not put it in the oven.

Note : Please note that the following phenomena can occur naturally during the porcelain production process and are not subject to exchange or refund.

Fine protrusions

Small air holes formed in the clay from baking the pottery in a kiln

Black spots caused by iron contained in the glaze and clay

Flow marks or clumping marks on the surface of porcelain that are created during hand glazing

Subtle variation in color and gloss that naturally occur from handcrafting

Mujagi Flower 06 Round Plate

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