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-  It is designed to use the cutting boards separately depends on the food to prevent cross-contamination of raw meat, fish,vegetable, fruit and others.- TPU material is strong at knife scratches than other materials so it can be used hygienically.- There are less noise when cutting the foods.- One side of the cutting board has a furrow on the edge to prevent liquids to flow.- One side of the cutting board has bumps for anti-slip.- TPU material is sturdy and flexible, so it helps to cook without spilling when moving the food from cutting board to pots or dishes.- After using the cutting board, boiling water can be poured for easy sterilization and it can be used in dish washer.- The cutting boards can be used both sides.- Cutting boards can be placed horizontally or vertically.- The cutting board has a hook, so it can be hang anywhere.- The drainage hole at the bottom of the case helps to drain the water and it is easy to clean, so the cutting boards can be kept dry and clean always. The gap between the cutting boards helps to make the cutting boards dry quick.- Anti-slip rubber is attached in the bottom of the case.

Modern Hanging Cutting Board with steel stand case

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