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Tableware born through time and human hands. 

―From our past―

Ori River flows behind our factory. There stands stone monument on which the words "This is a place where pottery originated" are engraved. The ceramic ware "Risen-yaki" existed in 1846 and it was the first challenge in the country of ceramic painting utilizing the technique of copper plate transfer in this area. Miyama was born in 1977 in this place where there used to be a pottery which had been vanished, inheriting art and spirit. Our handling technique to produce tableware called "Casting", which forms porcelain ware by pouring white porcelain sludge into the plaster mold. This procedure of producing porcelain ware needs incredibly many workers to engage in spite the word ""mold"" sounds very simple. Although it looks like the same work, it changes day by day. Small change makes a big improvement if we continue. It is not easy to inherit, but it also means accumulation. Being differ from 1850’s production style, our tableware is closely connected with industry and mass production in this decade. But it might be better because we wish to produce tableware in an environment where customers can easily take a look at them. As if our ancestors once had been challenging to create "Risen-yaki" here in this land, we are producing our tableware from our hands in the same passion as they used to have.


tea cup(sencha) ф85×h54(100cc) 

11cm plate 110×110×h16 

tea cup 128×104×h48(120㏄) 

saucer 148×148×h20 

tea pot 200×120×h110(500㏄)

18cm plate 180×170×h20

26cm plate 257×244×h25  

Miyama Hoyara a la carte

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