Kapka Enamel B Grade Sale (B급 세일)



- Kapka recreates the soul of the packed and colorful dinner tables of our childhood where a diversity of delicacies would be served in enamelware pots and pans. Through its unique pieces, each of which is handcrafted by local masters using traditional methods, it brings us back together like the good old times. 

With our two collections including playful illustrations of proverbs and lively colors we hope to stir your beautiful memories and be part of the new ones.



- We took a journey to synthesize the past and current of pop culture and ended up creating the Mind-pop series. Surprising desings popped-up at unexpected times - thus the name Mind-pop! The patterns and forms used in these series have never been tried in hand - made enamelware before. 

Each one of the items are made using dipping and brush spattering techniques to bring the lively colors on to your tables. In this collection we also introduce "sahan" cookin g pans, large salad bowls and sauce pots.



1. Mug : 70x80(h)mm

2. tumber : 80x127(h)mm

3. plate : 245x45mm

4. Square meze plate : 110x110x30 mm

5. Big meze plate : 210x140x37mm

6. Serving tray : 260x180x40mm

7. Tray III :  260x180x15mm

Because there are some scratches on the items, so it's on huge sale now.


약간의 스크래치 등의 이유로 B급으로 분류 하였고, 이 세일은 B급 세일임으로 노리턴, 노리펀드, 파이널 세일 입니다!


If you want to see the scratches, please email us.

Independence Day Sale 2 - B grade sale!

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