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Loop Baby Fork & Spoon


Designed for baby with shallow and round shape for kids to start and practice.

Let CHABATREE encourage your kids to practice feeding themselves.

All CHABATREE products are environmentally sustainable; using wood sourced from controlled plantations. No chemicals are used in the treating and finishing process.

SPOON : Weight : 5 grams.  /  Dimension : W 3.10 x L 8.90 x H 2.50 cm.  /  Material : Plantation Teak wood

FORK :   Weight : 5 grams.  /   Dimension : W 3.10 x L 8.90 x H 2.50 cm.  /   Material : Plantation Teak wood


Chabatree inspires your kitchen with the beauty of nature together with a simple style, carefully capturing the charming design, romance and functionality into the products.

Chabatree is also about environmental-friendliness and all the products are made sing non-toxic chemicals, plantation wood or wood from managed forest. At Chabatree, its nature at its best..!


Care instruction: 
Occasionally food grade oil rub to keep the wood looking gorgeous. Wash in soapy water and do not soak. Dishwasher not recommend

How to care:
After use hand washing, please let dry naturally. Especially if the drying is anxious, when applied to impregnated edible oil, etc. in your home to a soft cloth, it will keep the beautiful bark. Please avoid placing dipped in water. The dishwasher cannot be used.




자연친화적인 제품을 숙련된 장인니 정성스럽게 제작하는 핸드메이드 주방용품입니다.

100% 티크목으로 내구성을 높이고 화학처리 없이 천연오일로 마무리 합니다.

차바트리는 FSC(Forest Steward Sship Council) 기준에 의해 관리하고 재배되는 최고품질의 나무를 사용하고 있어 안심하고 사용하실 수 있습니다.

티크목은 비와 바람, 소금 등 기후변화에 강하여 쉽게 변형되거나 변질되지 않으며 부식되거나 곰팡이가 잘 생기지 않습니다. 손길이 닿을수록 면역성이 생겨 일광건조 및 삶는 등의 유지관리가 크게 필요하지 않습니다.

Chabatree Loop Baby Spoon and Fork

$12.00 Regular Price
$11.40Sale Price
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