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FUN FACT: Beer actually makes soap a lot more special!

Beer is packed with ANTIOXIDANTS, the yeast acts as an ANTIBACTERIAL and is great for combating ACNE. Not to mention the beer gives off a FROTHY and CREAMY lather. 


Our Beer soaps are made with some of the finest craft beers from the surrounding local area. Each batch is different! 



Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil (brazil), sodium hydroxide* LOCAL NY CRAFT BEER, essential oils/fragrance.


*none remains after saponification


All oils are organic and food-grade.



Approx. 5 oz.


Natural Handmade Beer Soap

Super-fatted 5-10%

Labeled and packaged in reusable and biodegradable cotton muslin bag (made in USA).

NY Beer Soap

SKU: tsn002
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