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Not only smart in looks but smart in technology, the Element lighter from Gingko Design makes this not your usual average lighter.

Disguised in a cigar-like shaped tube, unscrewing the real copper top with a quick blow, it gently reveals a completely flameless heated metal ring that burns to a high temperature.

After a few seconds it automatically turns itself off and you can simply screw the lid back on and enjoy its exceptionable quality and compactness. Encased in a real natural walnut or white ash wood and complemented by it’s gold metal top lends to a smooth and luxurious feel.

In a class of it’s own, it certainly gives your lighter experience a whole new lease of life.

a luxury Flameless wind-proof lighter.

50 times usage after a full charge.


Power source:in-built rechargeable 170mAh li-on battery.

Product Size:17×17×103 mm.

Product Material: natural walnut or white ash wood with copper cap.

Product Weight: 100g.

Power Input:DC5V.

USB charging cable included.

Baton light

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